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Ferragamo F-80 GMT Watch

Ferragamo watches? Another fashion brand with timepiece you'd be wise to be skeptical of at first. When a company that has never made timepieces suddenly starts to do so, then you should be wary. Delving deeper the plot thickens as all Ferragamo replica watches are licensed to be developed and manufactured by Timex. At this point I would not think that results have much up-market credibility. Though in this case that isn't exactly true. Ferragamo timepieces for men (especially this F-80) collection are nicely made, have good designs and materials, and contains Swiss mechanical movements. As designer replica watches go, these sort of fly under the radar and deserve a bit more attention.

I believe that the F-80 collection debuted in about 2008. It contains a Swiss ETA Valjoux 7750 automatic based chronograph model, and a similar model that has a GMT module over a 7750 (there is also a quartz ETA chronograph version as well). This is that GMT model, and you can see the standard 7750 with the addition of a little blue GMT hand. It is actually a Soprod movement they call the ?53-24h.?The dials are actually rather well designed and legible. The face is textured with horizontal black sections while the hands and hour markers are rather easy to see. Note that the GMT dial is done in swiss replica watches black and white. This is for when you want to sync the GMT hand to the standard time for it to function as a day/night indicator. Cool right?

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Meeting with Timex they shared with me that the design of the F-80 was some who has designed a few other well-known watches, but for the life of me I forget who he is. Maybe one of you can remind me, but when you learn who it is you are like "ohhh, I see that.?I learned this fact over two years ago so please forgive me.

The case is 44mm wide in titanium and ceramic. Ceramic is used for the bezel, chronograph pushers, and the center links of the metal bracelet. There is also a rubber strap option, and the high-end cautchouc (spelled a few ways) rubber is used. The case is water resistant to 100 meters and uses an AR coated sapphire crystal. Overall, most things us fake watch snobs are looking for are present here. I don't really care if this fake watch has a Salvatore Ferragamo logo on it or not. It is well designed, uses good parts, and has a nice sporty character with a hint of color (my fav). It might not be a fake watch I want to wear on a daily basis, but I would gladly enjoy a Ferragamo F-80 in my collection.

Price? Well technically the fake watch costs $7,075 ?but look online and you'll see that most F-80 replica watches are available for a lot less. They are actually a good deal as you can get most (often the non GMT 7750 versions) under $2,000.

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